Nexthink V5.3 is Here!

The V5.3 release brings Nexthink to a whole new level in terms of analytics. With the addition of mobile and Mac analytics, Nexthink becomes the first "any device" end-user analytics platform.

Click the V5.3 features below to learn more about each:

Coming Soon: we'll be releasing the new User Centric View soon. This new view is not part of the V5.3 release.

About Nexthink: Nexthink is the innovator of End-user IT Analytics for securityITSM and workplace transformation. Click to learn more about end-user analytics and why Nexthink has been named a Cool Vendor in ITOA by Gartner in 2014.

The First “Any Device” End-user Analytics Platform

Nexthink now delivers a complete visibility into all end-user devices accessing your IT infrastructure.

Add Mac & Mobile Device

Mac and Mobile Device analytics are now a part of the Nexthink end-user IT analytics platform.

With the new enhanced smart search capabilities, you can now seamlessly discover and analyze data coming from any device that connects to your IT infrastructure.

These new features allow you to:

  • View all of your devices and end-users in one place
  • New Mobile Device view and platform type field in the Finder
  • View any Mobile Device (iOS, Android, Microsoft, etc.) that connects to your IT infrastructure
  • Verify BYOD policies without having to install Nexthink on end-users' personal devices
  • View Windows, Mac and Mobile Devices in a single widget in the Nexthink Portal
  • Analyze Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync mailbox polices and security settings
  • Identify approved, non-approved and blocked Mobile Devices and those waiting for approval
  • Gain insight and trend end-user Mobile Device adoption and usage
  • New Smart Search keywords for Mac and Mobile Device, and new suggested investigations


Monitor and enforce your BYOD policy without having to install Nexthink on end-users' personal mobile devices.


Add Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync mailbox policy analytics to ensure end-user mobile device security compliance.


Better Smart Search

Search for things just like you would on Google. It has never been easier to discover what is happening in your environment. And with V5.3, it just got even better:

  • Smart Search in Finder gets smarter with more suggestions
  • Search any device (PC, Mac, Mobile, Tablet)
  • Search for blocked mobile devices and related impacted users
  • Search for applications and connections from Mac OS laptops

New Query Language & API

The integration of end-user analytics data with existing tools and processes is essential for successful operationalization of Nexthink.  

The new Nexthink query language (NXQL) editor and Web API will make it much easier to get data in and out of an Engine. The query language supports powerful compute / aggregation functions, which reduce the need for programming and data manipulation.  The Web API supports a variety output formats: HTML, XML, CSV and JSON.  Also, you no longer need to publish a query with the Finder before being able to execute it through the Web API.

Click for some examples of Nexthink integration with Help & Service Desk, PCLM and SIEM tools.


Additional Improvements

In addition to all the new features mentioned above, Nexthink is releasing:

  • Premium Support, a new level of support offering.
  • A new Engine performance optimization guide is available to partners. Interested customers should engage their service provider.
  • The refinement of the security module binary threat level detection and classification algorithm.

Coming Soon: New User View

Nexthink is the leader in end-user IT analytics and with this new user-centric view it now offers in a single view all there is to know about a user and its interactions with the IT infrastructure. This view is not yet ready to be released with V5.3 but we have decided to share a little preview with you.

  • Delivering any device strategy through new visualization
  • User-centric Incident and Problem management in a single view grouping all relevant information
  • Clear understanding of IT services usage patterns (and issues) across different type of devices

Interested to see V5.3 or need help to migrate?

Nexthink V5.3 will ship on April 27th. The update is automatic for the Engine and the Portal. However, a new collector deployment is needed for customers interested in the Mac analytics.

The Nexthink V5.3 documentation will also be available on April 27th. Click here to access the documentation.